Most families and friends of LDS missionaries can relate to the fact that sending and receiving mail is very difficult in many parts of the world. It is truly frustrating to be unable to communicate with your missionary due to an inefficient mail system.

For this exact reason, BrazilMissions.com was launched in Fall of 2001 as the only missionary mail service that allowed families and friends of LDS missionaries to send and receive letters quickly and reliably to and from their missionary serving abroad. As our service became increasingly popular, we realized that in order to serve more LDS missionaries and their families and friends, we should expand into other parts of the world.

MissionTies.com was subsequently launched as the premier letter and package service that caters to LDS missionaries. Only with the MissionTies.com patent pending service can you both send letters to your missionary and receive letters from your missionary in only 2-3 days! Our service is now rapidly being expanded into virtually all countries in which missionaries serve.

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