Why do we think that we are the best option for you to communicate with and send care packages to your missionary?  Why not use one of the other options, email, international mail, or one of our competitors?  At Missionties we aim to provide the very best service possible.  Spend just a few minutes on this page and you'll understand the Missionties philosophy a little better. Our vision is much greater than to profit on letters and care packages to missionaries.

Who is behind Missionties, what do we believe in, and what is our advantage?

  • We are American and Brazilian former missionaries in Brazil. We've lived what your missionaries are living.
  • Missions are not an experience the missionary goes through alone.  We are here to enhance your family's mission experience. If we are not accomplishing that, let us know and we'll make it right.

We know first hand how much missionaries LOVE mail and care packages and we believe that happy missionaries serve better.

  • Unless you've served a mission, it's hard understand how much that letter in the mailbox means.  Email on p-day is good, but holding a piece of paper in your hands after a long day of missionary work can do wonders for the missionary's morale.
  • Quick communication makes a difference.  Using Missionties, that letter he receives on Thursday could be the one you wrote on Tuesday.   And, he can then respond on his next Monday P-day.  Mailing letters from inside Brazil, it can happen that fast.  It might not offer instant gratification email and texting affords us at home, but isn't this just one more way to sacrifice to serve the Lord?
  • Cookies sent in a Missionties Care Package will arrive within 2 - 3 days of being baked.  Now that's freshness that will make any missionary happy. 

We know that obedient missionaries are successful missionaries.

  • Some of the most commonly broken mission rules are those surrounding email and computer use.
  • We are not aware of any mission in Brazil allowing missionaries more than one hour of computer time on their p-day.  During that hour they must read all of the email they've received, write to their mission president and write to their family (take note of the next bullet).  Missionaries receiving letters via Missionties can eliminate the time spent reading emails from cutting into their precious hour and focus on writing without going overtime.
  • Some mission presidents might make exceptions, but it is our understanding that missionaries can receive email from most anyone but they are to write emails to their immediate family ONLY.  So, if they handwrite letters to the girlfriend/boyfriend, buddies and others using Missionties, they will be honoring and obeying this mission rule.  They'll simply mail the handwritten letter to us and we'll scan it and get it to you in an email.  We are just expediting the delivery.
  • Unless things have changed, missionaries are supposed to access only one site on the internet and that is myldsmail.  Those missionaries likely to break the time limit rule often break this one as well.  Missionaries aren't supposed to be having email conversations or accessing Yahoo!, Google, instant messaging, and Facebook types of sites.  Sure Missionties letters take a few days in each direction, but we believe it's more important to be obedient than to have instant communication.

We know that  families, especially moms, want to take care of their missionaries.

  • We currently have a son serving a full-time mission in another country.  We are living what you are living.  We get it!
  • Though Missionties cookies from Mr. Cheney Cookies in Sao Paulo aren't mom's, they're as good as any and you will NOT find American style cookies anywhere else in Brazil.  If they are in Brazil, we've never encountered them.  Since we ship from inside Brazil, these cookies have arrived to missionaries in Sao Paulo within 24 hours of being baked.
  • Familiar treats and snacks go a long way to boosting a missionary's spirits.  We carry a wide variety of American brands that we purchase through importers.  These items are not readily available to the public, and even then only in the largest of cities.  They range from difficult to impossible to find outside of Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro.  Missionties can get these to your missionary within a few days instead of a few weeks.
  • While in the CTM, missionaries have weekly access to much of this at Mr. Cheney Cookies across the street from the CTM.  A missionary recently told us that the Pizza Party his family bought for him was "Awesome!", and that it "tasted just like the Pizza Hut on Main Street."  This goes a long way to helping overcome the culture shock.

Missionaries have a very limited budget

  • Missionaries are supposed to live on their monthly allowance and only use a debit or credit card in an emergency. 
  • Those treats and snacks described above may be available in large cities, but even the brands missionaries can find are fairly expensive.  A $7 box of Froot Loops can put a serious dent in the monthly budget.  Parents sending that same box in a care package through Missionties can help their missionary enjoy some treats and make the best use of his allowance.
  • Missionties also offers everyday types of personal items like shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc.  In addition, families can purchase envelopes and stamps for their missionary to send letters either to the Missionties office or directly home via international air mail.  A care package with these items would go a long way to helping the missionary stretch his budget.
  • Purchasing a Mr. Cheney Gift Certificate through Missionties, gives missionaries an account to purchase whatever they want on their weekly p-day while in the CTM;  Spend it all at once or a little bit at a time.  They can use it to buy cookies, soda, snacks, internet time or any other items Mr. Cheney Cookies sells.  When your missionary only has about $10 per week to spend, that gift certificate comes in really handy.

As mentioned, Missionties mails/ships from inside Brazil

  • Packages and at times letters shipped via international post are not as secure as we would like them to be.  Most missionaries have a story of the care package that never arrived.  Or, when it did arrive it was months after being shipped, or items were missing.
    • Guaranteed delivery from the USA is very expensive.  Visit our "Compare Shipping Rates" page for a comparison.  It could cost $50 - $100 to ship that box of Froot Loops.
  • When you subscribe to our letter subscription service and submit a letter, we print and mail that letter the next business day. 
    • A letter submitted on Sunday will be printed and mailed on Monday.  That letter, depending on how far from Sao Paulo and then how far from the main mission city your missionary is, will arrive in 2 - 5 business days when you use the missionary's residential address.
    • Letters missionaries mail to our office in Sao Paulo arrive in 2 - 5 business days as well.
    • Letters to missionaries in the CTM follow the same pattern but arrive in one business day.
    • Letters FROM your missionaries in the CTM are usually dropped off at our office on the missionary's p-day, or they are delivered to us by other missionaries on their p-day as a favor to your missionary. 
    • All letters from missionaries to families/friends are scanned and emailed the same day they arrive in our office.
    • Though we'd like to provide a 100% guarantee on delivery, Missionties is at the mercy of the postal service in both directions. And although reliable in relative terms, the Brazilian postal service (Corrieos Brasileiro) doesn't often meet the standards Americans are accustomed to receiving.  So, you may need to be patient at times.
  • All letters should be mailed using the missionary's residential address.  There are only a couple of exceptions to this:
    • When your missionary has at least weekly access to pick mail up at the mission office.
    • There have been mission presidents that have required all mail, letters and packages alike, to go through the mission office.  If this is the case, obedience is more important than convenience.  Obey the mission rules and mail to the mission office.  But, most missions recommend using the mission office.  Although recommendations often sound like it, they are not requirements.   We deliver hundreds of letters per week to missionary's residences in all parts of Brazil.
  • Care Packages to missionaries in the field are sent using 2-3 day guaranteed delivery with signature required.  As described above, some cookies recently arrived at a mission office address in less than 24 hours from when we dropped them off at the post office.  This is not the common experience.  More remote locations may take an extra day or so.  It is appropriate to use either the mission office or the missionary's residential address for delivery but take note of the following advantages and disadvantages.
    • We recommend shipping non perishables (everything but fresh-baked items) to the mission office unless it's an emergency.  ADVANTAGE: There is nearly always someone at the office to sign for the package.  DISADVANTAGE: It may take up to a few weeks for it to be delivered but it is highly unlikely to get misdirected.
    • Fresh-baked cookies and such should go to the missionary's residence.  ADVANTAGE: Items arrive to the missionary fresh within days of shipping.  DISADVANTAGE: It is possible that the postman may not catch the missionary at home.   They will give it 3 attempts for delivery though.  As a note, we've only had 2 packages in more than a thousand come back as undeliverable.

This in no way will answer all of your questions but we hope that it goes a long way to help you understand who we are and why we do what we do.  If you have any other questions click on the contact us link on our homepage and we'll do the best we can to answer your questions.