Erica Farr, Nevada, December 2009

Thank you for two years of excellent service! Elder Farr received all the care boxes we ordered from Mission Ties, and letters from home every week. He saved each one and bound them into a bookl! He loved being able to re-read all his P-day letters when they arrived in the mailbox a few days later. Thank you for helping his mission experience be the best. We love Mission Ties!

Micha C., California, June 2009

Thanks so much Missionties has been a great help of communication for our family during one of the hardest but most rewarding times in our lives!!! Thanks

Elder Floyd, serving in Curitiba mission, April 2009

The pizza party was amazing. I don't think you will ever know just how great it was to me and my district. It tasted just like it came from the Pizza Hut on Main.

Susan S., Lehi, UT, April 2009

I just wanted to thank you guys. Last week I was trying to make a purchase on your website and kept having problems because I had my son's address in Brazil as my shipping address so it kept saying that my credit card wouldn't let me make the purchase... When I asked you guys for help, you responded in lightning speed time!! ...Thank you so much!! We are so impressed!

Erica F., Battle Mountain, NV, November 2008

Thanks for all you do! Elder F. is in Week 49, and doing great. Mission Ties letters mean so much to him. He used to be very unsentimental, but he has been keeping all his letters in a binder! Letters are the highlight of his days.

Suzanne K., Pleasant Grove UT, July 2008

You guys are great and I can't tell you how many times my son has said in his last e-mail that he loves missionties because the letters arrive so quickly.

Brianne J., Henderson, NV, June 2008

Hi, thanks so much for all that you have done! my missionary is coming home this month so I need do cancel my subscription! I have used it the last 24 months and loved it! Thanks, Brianne

Joani K., January 2008

You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work. My missionary said that his cookies were the best cookies in the world! Thanks so much.

James N., Gilbert, AZ, February 2008

Thanks! It has been very nice to send and receive letters from Brazil all within the same week. It's quicker than my other son who is serving in Colorado Springs, Colorado!!

Rhonda H., Anchorage, AK, December 2007

My missionary is coming home in January. That is why I am cancelling. Thank you so much for this service. It has been wonderful.

Timothy, Citrus Heights, CA

We signed up with MissionTies recently. Our missionary loves to get mail in two days instead of two weeks. We got our first in return and other than his handwriting still needs work, it was easy to access. I don't know about the other services, but for us it has been great. We have also other family members on the account so they can send letters easily also. One of the great things is the missionaries can send letters and pictures for free!! Good letter writing however you do it.

Peg, Bowling Green, OH

We have been using missionties since [our son] left 6 months ago. It has worked very well for us. While we don't write 20 letters every month, we do send various other things such as BYU devotionals, church articles, uplifting stories, etc.... All things we can just copy and paste from other websites. In addition, we can send short letters throughout the week or we can all send individual letters. Yes, [our son] gets a lot of mail, but he's never complained. I KNOW that if I didn't have this service, I would never send as many letters as I do. Since I pay for it, I figure I want to get my money's worth. (I use it much more for convenience than because it will get letters to him faster.)

Erik, Woodinville, WA

I just wanted to say that your organization has been so good to work with. We have considered you to be a blessing to us and our missionary. A real boon while we are apart. You honestly have been professional as well as "caring" when we've needed to have questions answered. Thank you for your help and 'good works'.

Trish, Alpine, UT

My son is serving in Sao Paulo North and we originally started with "..." and had so so so many problems (and unanswered questions) with that service that we switched to missionties. We've been much happier with this service (we like to attach family photos and "..." did NOT have that available ...), and they always return my phone calls when I leave a message..

Kay, Idaho Falls, ID

THANK YOU I just want you to know I am very thankful for your services and all you do. My son and I both appreciate everything you offer. Again Thank You

Jim, Colorado Springs, CO

I've really enjoyed the service and capabilities that you all have provided. I will most certainly use your services and recommend you as widely as possible. Thanks for the support and your timely response.


I just wanted you to know that I visited the new website for missionties.com and was so impressed! Even the web design is much better! And being able to save letters is great too! Thank you so much for making such wonderful improvements to your service! I am eager to use all the new services you are providing! Keep up the great work... and thank you for supporting our missionaries as they do His work!

Carolynn, Pocatello, ID

I totally appreciate your speedy response to my request. Thanks once again for providing such a worthwhile service to our missionaries

Eileen, Rexburg, ID

I do so appreciate your quick reply. Thank you so for your wonderful service.

Trapper, Utah

ur da bizzomb

Linda, Claremont, CA

I love hearing from my missionary and seeing his drawings!

Peg, Bowling Green, OH

I KNOW that if I didn't have this service, I would never send as many letters as I do.

Timothy, Citrus Heights, CA

One of the great things is the missionaries can send letters and pictures for free!!

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